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An Explanation of our Publishing Agreement


Upon our acceptance of your work for publication, we will send you an email that includes our Terms of Publication and Publishing Agreement.

So that we may proceed with the publication of your work, we need to receive your acceptance of our Publishing Agreement within ten days.

What do we do for you?

We would like to promote you and your work.  In exchange for granting us the right to publish your work, the following are ways in which we support our contributors:

  1. BulletThe publication of their work in print and on the internet.

  1. BulletA biographical note on our searchable Contributors’ web page.

  1. BulletAn active web link to a contributor’s literary or artistic work where it appears elsewhere on the internet.

  1. BulletA contributor’s discount on all print copies of Touch: The Journal of Healing.

  1. BulletOur web pages are search engine optimized making it easy to find you and your work on the internet.

What do we ask?

  1. BulletWhen you accept our Publishing Agreement you allow us to publish your work in the online and print versions of Touch: The Journal of Healing.  We may also ask for permission to publish your work in future print, electronic, or digital publications that we may develop in the future, and we may ask to use parts of your work to help promote and advertise our publications and our press, The Lives You Touch Publications.

  1. BulletOur Publishing Agreement requests First Rights and/or First Serial Rights, Electronic Rights, Digital Rights, and Reprint Rights for your work.  This means that you will allow us to be the first to publish your work anywhere, or be the first to publish your work in a serial publication, i.e., a publication that is intended to be continued indefinitely (our journal), or, if your work has already been published elsewhere, you will allow us to publish it again.

February 26, 2013

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