Touch: The Journal of Healing



Gift Wrapped

    By Eira Needham

Elated, I begin unwrapping;

umpteen layers later,

I’m bewildered.

Inside, a puzzle;

locked in stagnant words

my autistic child ripples,

perception swelling to river banks.

His challenge has brought storms;

wild winds rip off branches

until we collapse, exhausted.

Yet, hidden between the tiers

stands an impish wit

that tickles my insides,

crinkling my face.

Still peeling off wrappings

I struggle to fit every piece,

but beneath his foibles

I’ve found a core that

laughs when the dog howls,

cries if pain strikes.

My special gift

is a taxing puzzle,

stretching resources

until frayed.

Yet, if he were created

from a perfect mould,

he would not be my son,

imprinted in my heart.

© 2011 Eira Needham

Eira Needham lives in Birmingham, UK. She has been a teacher, carer, herpetologist, crafter and poet. Her poetry is eclectic and been published in print and online. Recent publications/acceptances include Joyful! Victorian Violet Press, Westard Quarterly, Yes Poetry, and Leaf Garden. She will have her first chapbook published in 2011.

Copyright © 2011

Touch: The Journal of Healing

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