Touch: The Journal of Healing




    by Stephen Bunch

I am drawn as the white plain

of your body recedes, your hair

strange as birds' wings

against the wet moon

in the window where the world

arranges itself,

where tree limbs trace the wind,

drawn as the moon sinks into the plain,

as the new sun draws its whiteness

from the salt of our bodies.

© 2014  Stephen Bunch

Stephen Bunch’s work has appeared recently in Umbrella and The Literary Bohemian. From 1978 to 1988, he published Tellus, a magazine featuring work by Jack Anderson, Jane Hirshfield, Denise Low, Paul Metcalf, Edward Sanders, and others. He received the 2008 Langston Hughes Award for Poetry from the Lawrence Arts Center.  His chapbook, Preparing to Leave, was published by The Lives You Touch Publications in the spring of 2011.

Copyright © 2014

Touch: The Journal of Healing

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