Touch: The Journal of Healing


Issue 16

Autumn/Winter 2014

Cover Photo © 2014 “ Autumn Gold” by O.P.W. Fredericks

as rain drizzles down still,

even the birds seem to know there will be no break

Catharine Clark-Sayles

I have heard from the lamas that you hear everything when death is near — voices may babble but all thoughts are sonorous.

Annie Bien

She wondered

if its little heart hurt all night

like hers does when she

passes mountains dark with pine.

M.E. Hope

It was a good death, I suppose,

but I waited for more

Art Heifetz

I stopped my meds so I can go back to life

Back to being alive again

Jacob L. Freedman, MD

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Touch: The Journal of Healing

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It is flesh he misses,

heat escalating off flanks

and taut sinews

two pacing as one.

Sandra Fees

You speak to me in a language I should know

the words rolling over me, through me

the power of them crashing against my soul,

Chrystal Berche

i wasn’t ready

for the perfume of your body

and the loneliness kicked in...

Timothy Hatch

my brow touched with sweat,

searching for words to describe

how the angel’s feather

roils the pool

to form this miracle.

Ed Bennett

He’ll be just like the day you brought him home

Wrapped in a blue blanket, drooling.

Katherine DiBella Seluja

Thinking of the Pippas I passed today,

I wonder if one of them

lies in bed thinking of me.

Jeanie Greensfelder

Bless this town even the barking dogs, stray cats,

and the people who do not yet know I am remarkably alive.

Jan Duncan-O’Neal