Touch: The Journal of Healing



Copyright © 2015

Touch: The Journal of Healing

All rights reserved.


    by Jeanne Ferran

facing west on the horizon i can still see

incendiaries, pale as fireflies

far off they sound like

a distant storm,

fall silent in the blanket of night

the clots of earth where i rest my head

are cold and barren

i have been fighting

in someone else’s war

that has moved along

the channel of time.

but now

i lie down in the trench

and appreciate

the silence

and let the dirt

run through loose fingers

and wait for the spray of stars

to remind me of who i am.

© 2015  Jeanne Ferran

Jeanne Ferran lives in the mountains of Western North Carolina. She is a teacher and a single mother of two boys and a black Lab mix.  This is her first publication.