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After Thoughts

From the shells and bones and clod-fragments we have left behind in our lives comes a new awakening.  The lessons we have learned never leave us; nor do the scars from wounds once lived.  Yet, like the hope of a new year, those pains we have chambered away lead to new courage and eagerness for the warmth of sunnier days.

We thank you for joining us and are deeply grateful for all of our contributors who made this issue possible.  As each issue unfolds, there is a new expression and exploration of what it means to heal, not just physically but in the moving on to a new stage of life.

As the next year of Touch: the Journal of Healing begins, please consider submitting your poetry, prose, or graphics.  We hope to expand the theme of the journal to explore not only the struggles, both physical and mental, but also the reflection, growth, and epiphanies of experience that come from sharing those moments that touch us.

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O.P.W. Fredericks, Editor

Daniel Milbo, Assistant Editor

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