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Editor's Choice: The voice of Gregory W. Randall

One of my greatest pleasures regarding the written word is to be unexpectedly and immeasurably moved by any piece of literature, be it a novel, a newspaper article, or the poetry I may read.  Such was the case of the works submitted to us by Gregory W. Randall.  I was introduced to Greg's work by his wife Toni Wilkes (also appearing in this issue).  I am always on the lookout for new talent, so when she wrote Greg had some "powerful pieces" to submit, I was eager to read what he had to offer.  I try to keep an open mind regarding poetry, particularly when someone mentions a "new talent" with whom I should become familiar.  Knowing family members are not always the best judges of a loved one's poetry, I wasn't sure how well the submissions would fit the journal.  What I experienced in reading Greg's work, however, was a depth of emotion and strength that resonated with a uniquely eloquent style and dove into the heart of the experiences and stories he shared.

Written from the perspective of a stepfather in relation to an illness, the poems selected for this issue's Editor's Choice convey with stark realism and exquisite imagery, the dedication in a relationship that is of and by choice.  The subject of the first three of these poems, "Natural Defenses," "Unusual Patterns," and "Uncommon Refrains," encompasses the vigil held over a vulnerable and recovering daughter during a hospital stay.  If that weren't enough, the final of these poems, "The Past Is Concealed In Doubt," demonstrates the lengths the narrator goes to ensure the emotional stability of the mother while at the same time revealing his own vulnerabilities.   Given my professional background in nursing, I was also touched by both the acknowledgment of the nursing staff who are tending to the patient and the insight into the emotions that pierce that veil of professional detachment that every nurse, on a human level, wishes he or she could offer in their course of care.  With true skill and craft, Greg draws us into his story by bringing together the details of one of life's difficult scenes with the clarity of emotion and thoughtfulness which is the hallmark of these pieces.

These poems resonate deeply with me for very personal reasons, but irrespective of this, I believe they will resonate just as deeply with all of you, our readers.  It is for this reason that these poems have been selected as our Editor's Choice.

It is with great pleasure that I present to you a voice of Touch: Gregory W. Randall.

O.P.W. Fredericks, Editor

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