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After Thoughts

What can we do when life refuses to play out as we had intended?  What should we do when the odds seem insurmountable or when we're told by someone (with less imagination) that hope is unreasonable?  Often there is no easy answer, and yet, how quickly the possibilities can change with the touch of an unexpected kindness, the blessing of life's strength that constantly strives to renew itself, or hearing the words written by those who have traveled some part of our journey and found their way beyond.

This is what excites us about every issue of Touch: The Journal of Healing.  With so many unique voices, there is a true richness of experience in the poems, prose, and illustrations in this issue that show us new perspectives and possibilities.  They teach in their humble sharing of deeply emotional, sensitive, and creative ways of seeing life and finding meaning in its many turns.  We thank our contributors and say "Bravo!"

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