Touch: The Journal of Healing



News of a brother's death

    by Katherine DiBella Seluja

Don't kid yourself

it's nothing like a movie

no subtitles to clarify meaning

no forewarning minor key

no change of lens to soften

the edges of scene

only my clinic office

a patient's nebulizer hum

nurses calling pressures from another room

rude light from cubicle window

glare of black-corded phone

and that sudden break in the real

right after I hear Tom say

the police found him   in his apartment    on the floor

© 2013  Katherine DiBella Seluja

Katherine DiBella Seluja received degrees from Yale and Columbia University.  Her poems have appeared in New Mexico Poetry Review, Santa Fe Literature Review and Sin Fronteras.  Her chapbook, After the Thread Unravels, was a finalist in the 2012 Bordighera Poetry Competition.   She lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico and dreams in Siena.

Copyright © 2013

Touch: The Journal of Healing

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