Touch: The Journal of Healing



Sailing to Atlantis

    by David Olsen

I steer a smooth and featureless reach

through an uncomprehending dream

of the elusive ghost of might-have-been.

Uncertain of my errant compass course

and bearing my own frailty and faults,

I’m hesitant, wary of trespassing here.

While guided by a tender, breathing sea,

with care I caress my delicate way,

kissing where your missing breast should be.

© 2013  David Olsen

David Olsen's third poetry chapbook, Sailing to Atlantis, is new from Finishing Line Press.  Since early 2011, he has placed poems in Acumen, Envoi, SAW Poetry, Orbis, Assent, Interpreter’s House, Bloodroot, Deronda Review, Scintilla, Babel, Sounds of Surprise, and competition anthologies from Cinnamon Press and Templar Poetry.

Copyright © 2013

Touch: The Journal of Healing

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