Touch: The Journal of Healing



My Dear Doctor

    by Jacob L. Freedman, MD

Things weren’t going well and I needed a vacation

So I packed my bags and left for California

Where I had seen the big trees as a little kid

A real vacation means you can leave it all behind

More than just missing an appointment to

Sit and watch the sea lions from the docks

So I stopped my meds so I can go back to life

Back to being alive again and

Back to finally being a Rockstar

My Dear Doctor when you get this message

Please don’t ask what went wrong but rather

Know that I hated getting disability checks and food stamps

And simply needed to be manic again

© 2014  Jacob L. Freedman, MD

Jacob L. Freedman is a psychiatrist practicing in Boston, Massachusetts.  His writing has been published in a variety of different places including The British Journal of Psychiatry, Relix Magazine, and The Bellevue Literary Review.  In his free time he enjoys schmoozing with Gramma, reading Hassidic parables, and eating Middle-Eastern food.

Copyright © 2014

Touch: The Journal of Healing

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