Touch: The Journal of Healing



The Rise of Fall

    by K.R. Copeland

Fluidless hydrangeas droop,

like students’ heads

who do not know the answer.

The moment itself hangs, ill-fated

hive from fiery Myrtle —

emptiness unbuzzing

through the sunless hub. And yet,

I am undeniably alive!

A pulse, impulsive,

purple rise —

a shadow on a hillock,

my only wish that you were by my side.

© 2015  K.R. Copeland

+briefly previously published on the author’s Facebook page

K.R. Copeland is a widely published Chicagoland poet with a penchant for the environment and all its inhabitants.  In addition to writing poetry, K.R. has acted as Co-Editor and Art Director for many fine literary magazines and journals, worldwide.  Her poetry book, Love and Other Lethal Things can be found on Amazon.

Copyright © 2015

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