what we owe each other

by Risa Denenberg

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Table of Contents

Ode to Brevity

Rummaging the Sacristy

Last Rites

I sat by the bed


Moral Equivalency

What we owe each other

The last mourner


At the library

Bridges and Redemption

Angels and Pigeons

Alternative Medicine


Last Words


Book of the Dead

Dear Solitude

Last Request

Dear Jon

Bridges and Redemption

Like a flash of yellow crowns

in a culvert in April’s rush,

I traverse a hulking bridge

to some destination, and nearly

crash, twisting my neck to see

the pretty flowers.

Do I believe in bridges?

I think of men ─ the ones I know

and the ones I don't.  I see the violence

rent upon the world by men

and the damage their bodies bear.

Yet I cannot escape what I know —

men build bridges.  You were a bridge,

but I didn't know it when you were here.

I can't cross this bridge without you,

and yet, you are there.

Where is there?

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