The High Cost of Milk

Virginia, 1967.

Mama sends me into the 7-11

to buy milk.  “That all?”

asks the smiling clerk.  Nodding

toward the Black man behind

him, I say, “I believe he was first.”

The clerk jerks his head around,

then back, “I don’t see anyone.”

My gaze drops–to the white

counter–change.  I leave

with tainted milk.

Spiraling into Control

by Alarie Tennille

Table of Contents

Chambered Nautilus

The Inside Story

First Sight

Daddy Would Know

Éléphants Nageurs


Wild Alice

Natural Order

Vermeer at Home

Since Jeanne d’Arc

Second Grade

Daily Work

The Quilters of Gee’s Bend

Cavalier Manor

The High Cost of Milk

Daddy Hits a Policeman

August Afternoon

A Question of Weather

Tomato Invasion

Bringing Home the Bacon

Letters from Home




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