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Welcome to the 2016 Autumn/Winter issue of Touch: The Journal of Healing.  This issue finds the return of my Editor’s Choice with five selections from a new poet and author, Sarah Bigham.  I hope you find as much inspiration in her words as I did when she faced adversity and with the help of her wife and her caregivers, came out stronger on the other side.  Sometimes, life comes through for us when we believe all is lost.  When we discover true allies in our battles, it becomes easier to learn to trust again.

In addition you will find that we feature all new authors in the literary works in this issue, Marcia Pelletiere, Cally Conan-Davies, Marjorie Power, and Beth Mills.  In addition, gracing our cover is a mixed media piece by one of my favorite artists, Patricia Wallace Jones.

For the past seven years, I have acted on behalf of our contributors to bring their literary and artistic aspirations to the world within the pages of this journal.  This has been both an honor and privilege, and I have cherished the trust you all have bestowed on me in this capacity.

While I have drawn inspiration from this work and strength from all of you, for the past two years I have yearned to spread my wings and follow my own passion for writing.  After a long year of internal reflection and conversation with those I trust, I now realize it is time for me to move on.

This will be the last issue for which I will act as the lead Editor.  Though I will remain on with the journal as a member of the editorial staff, beginning with the Spring/Summer 2017 issue, Daniel will take over the reigns of Touch: The Journal of Healing and our print press, The Lives You Touch Publications.  Please join me in thanking and congratulating him.  I look forward to his vision as the carries the journal and press forward.

O.P.W. Fredericks, Editor

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