A rhyme for the nursery perhaps. . .

Earth bound down

    to bomb blast shelters,

caught in sunlight

    flicker falling,

filling out the open space,


the fight and flight—

dying in their ordered


every name read out.

But who washed away to sea,

     drawn to ancient harmony

rock ground mountains

    tumbled, drowning,

took us in our hundred

    thousands, caught

within the ocean’s rhythms,

    currently without.

Who will sing this litany,

    sing this harvest

of the sea, break and bring

    it back to me

dressed in its own geography,

    every name a shout.

One Tree Bridge

by Dennis Greene

Table of Contents

Birth Song

Preparing the Way

These my words...


Counting the Swans

Who’s there

Captain Cook

All Quiet

Kings Park (Anzac Day)


A rhyme for the nursery perhaps . . .





Here be dragons

The Road Menders

The stalling of birds observed at close quarters


Love what you’ve done with the place

Painting "Dr Gachet"

One Tree Bridge

Jerusalem! Jerusalem!

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