One Tree Bridge

That first morning, hoping to catch the dawn,

we stepped instead into a world of mist

and dark green forest, mixed with the softer

greys of smoke from pot bellied stoves, and

the light green of the ferns along the river.

Taken by mist the road could not be seen,

though what remained of the one-log bridge

that gave this place its name moved through

degrees of sight right on the edge of seen,

unseen, just seen: a bridge into infinity, a lost

road, vanished, dreamed, now going nowhere.

And we, my child and I, being small and quiet,

watched as from drifts of mist the great trees

grew, regained their shapes, their varied colours,

their forty-metre stretch that touched the sky,

and took it in, each from our own perspective;

she from the bridge, I from a long-gone road.

One Tree Bridge

by Dennis Greene

Table of Contents

Birth Song

Preparing the Way

These my words...


Counting the Swans

Who’s there

Captain Cook

All Quiet

Kings Park (Anzac Day)


A rhyme for the nursery perhaps . . .





Here be dragons

The Road Menders

The stalling of birds observed at close quarters


Love what you’ve done with the place

Painting "Dr Gachet"

One Tree Bridge

Jerusalem! Jerusalem!

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