Let There be Color

by Lavinia Kumar

About the author:

Lavinia Kumar is originally from Ireland, her husband from India.  He was her TA in Chemistry lab at Boston University, but they dated later.  They have four offspring, and, so far, five grandchildren, and live in New Jersey.  She has a BA in Chemistry, MA in Biology, and EdD in Science Education.  During her career she taught in colleges, high school, medical school; and she trained teachers and administrators from elementary through medical and dental school to the state level.  She taught content (mostly Biology), instruction, standards, assessment, and how to use educational technologies in these areas.

She’d always written in her spare time, such as during a daughter’s gymnastics practice – sometimes children’s stories, sometimes poetry.  Not much was good, not much was finished.  Then retirement brought time to workshop, revise, and edit, as well as, most importantly, to attend classes and seminars to learn something of the art and craft of poetry.  She likes the short form that poetry provides, and hers centers, of course, on areas in which she has experience or interest.  Often, she makes a special effort to be inclusive as well as, at times, to educate.  Spare time has also enabled her to return to painting.  She primarily use acrylics – her paintings usually a sort of primitive surrealism.

From the author:

I like the way poetry enables the capture of life nuggets, can lead to the surreal, and paint a picture that may change some of its meaning when explored.

Cover Art by Lavinia Kumar

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Table of Contents

In Due Time

Memory Fractured

Es gibt ein Loch

Glimmers and Lightness

Perhaps To Wake Again

The Sad of Eyes

Cerebrospinal Fluid Drips from Nose

Patience Wanting

Meals come with the Blues

Unending Urns

Up to the Minute

Dad Will See My Face

Body, Let There Be Color

Pastel Colors

Itinerant Traveler

As Dusk would Fade

We are Like the Dreamer who Dreams

     and then Lives in the Dream


Mind Into Eye into Mind

Licensed Practical Nurse

She is Isis.  She is Prithvi.

Evening Machine

Daydream of the Gallery

Opto Kinetic Reflex Drum

Green Curtains in ICU

Collateral Damage

Tributes, Tributaries

Still the Nightmare at Home

Home Again

That Year