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Welcome to the September 2012 issue of Touch: The Journal of Healing.  Time is such a defining dimension of the moments we share with those we love.  Time can open up in a moment a whole world of new awareness, growth, and recovery, or it can gradually erode our strength and sense of hope like a disease.  Loss happens in a moment but can feel like a pain that will last forever, and we can just as quickly fall in love and leave behind our fears to embrace a new beginning.  We often underestimate how deeply we touch the people we encounter or how enduring this impact can be in their lives.

In this issue, we have selected stories that explore the dimension of time in the healing process.  Whether it is the gradual effects of age or the struggle to survive another moment, we are reminded that through reflection, there is the opportunity to grow and find a deeper understanding of the events of life.  Such an understanding not only can bring recovery, but it can also be a wisdom worthy of passing on to those we encounter.  This is one reason why reading the stories of others and sharing one's own story is so powerful.  For though the changes life brings can take us places we did not intend and leave us beyond our comfort zone, they can never take away from us the wisdom we have garnered from those moments in life we dared to live and learn from.

This month, our Poet-In-Residence, Christine Klocek-Lim, continues her essay series on the writing process.  She explores the dimension of the Intent of  the writer.  Drawing from experience, there are many reasons to write, and one's writing can span from whimsy to the pouring out of one's soul.  It can be a cathartic expression of emotion or a reaching out and offering of the wisdom one has learned.  Christine shares her experience of finding a more authentic intention in the writing process.

Thank you for joining us this issue.  We know how precious time can be in this busy world, and we hope this issue opens up for you a few moments of reflection to share in the stories of our gifted contributors. 

O.P.W. Fredericks, Editor

Daniel Milbo, Assistant Editor

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