Touch: The Journal of Healing


Editor’s Choice


Soaked in

    by Murray Alfredson

I do not know the cause but all about her

spoke some silent grief: the hunch of back

and shoulders as she walked and took her seat;

it pushed through staring eyes, the play of muscles

round her mouth and cheeks that flicked left-sided

to tight smiles and tiny grimaces;

her arms self-hugging as though the day were cold —

so long and deep unspoken grief had soaked her.

© 2012  Murray Alfredson

Murray Alfredson has worked as a librarian, lecturer and in Buddhist chaplaincy. He is a prize-winning poet, has published essays and poems in Australia, England, and America, and a collection, ‘Nectar and light’, in Friendly Street new poets, 12, Adelaide: Friendly Street Poets and Wakefield Press, 2007.

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