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After Thoughts

We have all encountered loss of some kind.  Our ability to recover from losses in the past ensures us that we have the ability to recover from it again, but this knowledge does little for our hearts when we are in the midst of a new loss.  Our emotions are often too raw, our memories too fresh, and we face our surroundings in real time where personal objects can serve as reminders of those who have passed.

Often we are alone when we are recovering from loss.  This solitude allows us to experience moments of silence where at times, we might find ourselves smiling, if only for an instant.  We might find ourselves reflecting on why and how we were touched by others, because mixed in with the pain of loss, we also have the ability to remember happiness.  It is in these moments where healing begins.

To you, our readers, we hope that each of you has found even one moment of solace as you have read through the stories in the previous pages.  We hope that you will find the strength to begin to fill those hollow places with cherished memories that you will protect and call upon from time to time to help you get through any rough spots you experience in the future.

To all of our contributors, we say thank you for sharing your stories with our readers.  Thank you for contributing towards our mission of healing and for helping others to remember that healing comes when we touch one another.

We hope you will continue to support Touch: The Journal of Healing as we share in the touch of humanity.

Thank you, and join us in the spring for our next issue!

O.P.W. Fredericks, Editor

Daniel Milbo, Assistant Editor

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