Touch: The Journal of Healing




    by Romi Jain

The members of her family

watched over her and cried within.

The lady, who would be admonished

for being too talkative and restless,

was quiet, confined to bed.

She wasn’t a working professional;

but her gaiety and cheerful disposition were a priceless

contribution to the family of sober, serious individuals.

"Would she ever speak?" "Would she survive?"

"If she recovers, I'll never scold her again!" They murmured.

They sat down beside her sobbing,

when she was breathing hoarsely

in the early morning;

she managed to scribble her last words:

"today death and dawn shall unite.

I’m leaving my possessions,

no worthwhile gifts,

but remember me, I’ll remember you”

Her possessions — the books, the pillow,

the handwritten notes, the cup (carrying

a tea stain left by her lips) —

they divided among themselves,

with a belief in the persistence of a person in touch:

this is above the discernment of fingerprints

which when wiped can’t erase an existence

that the human mind can’t conceive,

senses can’t perceive,

but love and faith recognize.

© 2013  Romi Jain

Romi Jain is a published poet, novelist, independent researcher, and Vice President of the Indian Journal of Asian Affairs. Her books include: The Storm Within (2008; 2011), Poetry! You Resurrect Me (2011) and Voices of Rocks in the Dusk (2012). Her poems have appeared in anthologies titled The Poetic Bond I (UK), The Poetic Bond II (UK) and A Posy of Poesy (India), and in journals such as Journal of Poetry Society, The Criterion, The Tower Journal(forthcoming), and International Zeitschrift.

Copyright © 2013

Touch: The Journal of Healing

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