Touch: The Journal of Healing



Perhaps the reason

    by Gina Marie Mammano

the scarf I borrowed from her

is now missing.

The day it carried out

its sacred purpose

was the day

it escaped silently through

the silk of my fingers,

rain-scented, and

seasoned by the

smelting pots of

spirit and soul,

draping past

an angel’s chair

tied in a tree.

Perhaps on its journey

it glazed the

sunset in its mellow tones,

melting sherbet into


And maybe she took it

back on the day she

melted into the shadow

of death, the day she

tasted cool mangoes inside

of her mouth,

the day she

and the scarf

floated like a veil of fire

up up into heaven,

the smell of autumn

and freedom

flying wildly behind.

© 2013  Gina Marie Mammano

Gina Marie Mammano is a poet, artist, and spiritual director living on Whidbey Island in the state of Washington. Her life's passion is creating doorways to healing through the salve of the written word, the balm of intentional presence, the comfort of communities of belonging, and the medicine of live performance or "embodied poetry".

Copyright © 2013

Touch: The Journal of Healing

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